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Het Advanced Analytics Platform van de Politie

AAP is het Advanced Analytics Platform van de Politie en is volledig gebaseerd op open-source technologie zoals Kubernetes en Kubeflow.

Brewing beer with LoRaWAN

During the corona pandemic I took up brewing beer as a new hobby. I wanted to send metrics from the fermentation fridge in my internetless basement to my apartment. I solved this using LoRaWAN, InfluxDB and Grafana.

Secure machine learning APIs with Seldon and BentoML

I’ve been in the machine learning industry for over five years, and although many interesting developments have been made over the years, one thing keeps getting neglected: security....

Using Istio to MITM our users' traffic

I work as a consultant for various organizations in the Netherlands. One of those organizations is the Dutch National Police, where I’m leading a team that’s building a platform for ...