Hi, my name is Steven Reitsma. Years ago I started out as a data scientist but soon found out that my real passion is in data engineering and infrastructure. After starting at BigData Republic in 2016, I was soon leading the MLOps chapter where I helped my colleagues in shaping their goals and learning paths. Now, I have my own freelancing company and lead a team at the Dutch National Police, where I’m building a secure platform for data scientists to train and productionize machine learning models.

In my work I always try to bring scientists and engineers closer together. Not only by connecting people, but also by using technology to bridge the gap. I’m also a firm believer of open source technology and have committed to many open source projects such as Kubespray, Kubeflow, Airflow, MinIO and more.

In my free time I like to travel and shoot videos along the way — thus far Yosemite (see above) is my favourite spot. I also like to work on home automation, brew my own beer, and play “some” Factorio, Stellaris and Guild Wars 2.